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Oven Mitts

HIGH TEMPERATURE PROTECTION: mitts offer maximum protection from high temperatures of up to 484 degrees Fahrenheit; unlike cotton mitts which don’t resist high temperatures, these mitts are the perfect optionto handle culinary creations like freshly baked pies, steamed vegetables, and delicious casseroles, all with incredible ease!

15" Length
The 15" length easily protects wrists and forearms while preserving elbow range of motion during handling.

WATERPROOF AND STAIN RESISTANT: no more constantly stained oven mitts; the silicone makes these mitts both stain resistant and waterproof; spills can easily and instantly be rinsed away under water; hot liquids won’t soak through and scald your skin as they would with other materials. Great to keep hands safe from accidental burns and injuries while performing tasks that involve hot stuff, in addition to making it easy to clean.

GET A BETTER GRIP: the best oven mitt pair; constructed of durable silicone, mitts are naturally slip resistant, helping you to get the best grip while you cook; unique textured pattern helps you hold tight to pans, pots and baking sheets without hindering your natural grip.

THICK COTTON LINING THROUGHOUT: stay comfortable while you cook; soft cotton lining offers additional protection and comfort, and feel simply amazing; plus, silicone is flexible and conforms easily to your unique grip.

FOOD GRADE AND BPA FREE: tested to be safe for direct contact with food, these mitts are food grade and BPA free and a perfect choice for any home.

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